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The main benefit of using PPC advertising is that it is highly cost-effective and can expand your audience. This means you can get more leads, affiliates, ad revenue, and brand awareness. For small businesses, a PPC campaign is an excellent way to promote their products or services.

A good PPC campaign management services company will research keywords and bid accordingly to target potential customers. The company can even target people who visited your website, but did not purchase. They can then follow up with them later, which is another great way to increase sales. With the right strategy, your business can increase profits in a short amount of time.

The Ranking Hunters Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad specializes in SEO, digital marketing, and social media. They have over 5 years of experience in the digital marketing field and focus on helping small to mid-size businesses build brand equity and generate leads.


For those customers who qualify – We will set and manage your campaign free of charge; you just pay for the ads. If you’re happy with the leads we generate after 14 days you may continue to or if not, you can simply stop – No strings attached!


All Paid Services Comprise Of:

1. Search Engine Marketing

Clicks mean nothing if not converting, think optimised PPC campaigns that work.

2. Facebook Advertising

Via Facebook Ads you can create audience lists that fit your customers. Once these customers browse around Facebook you can have your ad shown up on their newsfeed.

3. Google Display

The Google Display Network (GDN) has 2 million partner sites that you can target. It allows you to target specific audiences, including retarget to previous site visitors.

4. Microsoft Advertising

Bing has a market share of ~4% in Australia but significantly more in the United States. If you're already running Google Ads it might be worth expanding to Bing.

5. YouTube Advertising

YouTube is part of the Google Display Network. All YouTube advertising goes via the Google Ads platform. With video campaigns we can promote your business via YouTube.

6. Instagram Advertising

Instagram is part of the Facebook Audience Network. Targeting on Facebook and Instagram makes it easy to find the right people, capture their attention and get results.


We pride ourselves on being an honest and up-front Adwords agency that is completely transparent with all costs. We dont hide or combine our management fees with your advertising budget like many other adwords companies.

The total cost of a PPC campaign is up to you. There are two parts to the cost structure; the first part is the monthly account management fee paid to Quikclicks to setup, manage, optimise and report on your campaigns. This monthly account fee depends on which Quikclicks plan you select (see more details below).

The second part of the cost structure is paid directly to Google each time your ad is clicked on in Google search, directing a customer to your website. To ensure spending does not exceed your budget for a campaign, we set a Daily Limit and can further optimise budgets by targeting only specific locations, demographics and certain times of the day. Once your daily limit is reached your Google Ad will be taken offline automatically until the next day.

As a Google Partner and accredited Adwords Agency, we have the expertise to manage your advertising campaign effectively. We bill on a monthly basis, with no “lock-in” fixed-term contracts, so if your campaign doesn’t deliver returns each month, you can cancel before the next month begins without any penalties or exit-fees.

Contact us today for a free competitor analysis which will allow you to gauge the level of required investment to outperform your completion online.

Our Industries

As lead generation experts in the following industries, we pride ourselves on delivering an end-to-end customer experience that delivers more revenue & profit for our clients

1. Automotive

2. Education

3. Real-Estate

4. Finance

5. Healthcare

6. Business

7. Insurance

4. Tech

Our Works
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Google Ads and social media marketing move quickly—it takes a dedicated specialist to monitor your PPC ads, ensuring optimal results at all times. Our team lives and breathes PPC ads, and is constantly upskilling to deliver even better PPC services.


Don’t miss out on a single lead, with advanced remarketing and retargeting campaigns built around the goals that you set. From automated retargeting to crafting effective remarketing messaging, we can take care of it all and boost your bottom line.


Billions of PPC ads appear across the web each day, all competing for the user’s attention. Work with a content marketer to plan and execute image and text ads that stick.


PPC stands for Pay Per Click, an online paid advertising model that advertisers use to promote their product or business on online search engines. Products or business search engines promoted by PPC appear at the top or bottom of the results page.


Ranking Hunters will send you the PPC campaign report every 15 to 30 days. According to the report, you will get every piece of information about your PPC campaign.

We take 100% transparency into the report.

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Advertisement of your business through PPC will appear on the search engine results page on which keywords you run ads on.With this, your ad will be visible only to those people who are searching about your product or service on Google or any other search engine. And this will benefit both your sales and leads.