We Trusted & Reputed PPC Company In Ahmedabad, We Make Sure Every Transaction is a Lead.​

Pay-per-click Advertising Is An Effective Way Of Targeting Specific Audiences. When You Choose To Expand Your Horizons, PPC Lets You Choose Which Way You Want To Go. It Is The Easiest Way To Target People Who Are Looking For Businesses Like Yours. Since You Can Narrow Down Or Expand Your Audience As Much As You Want, PPC Serves As A Great Advertising Option For Small Businesses.

In One Sentence, PPC Is One Of The Most Effective Ways To Improve Lead Generation, Promote Brand Awareness, And Maximize Profits With Digital Marketing.

To Get All These Benefits, You Need Someone Who Understands How PPC Works And What Tools Are Best. At Ranking Hunters, You Find Experts Who Research, Plan And Execute PPC Campaigns For You. From Bringing People To Your Website To Re-targeting Those Who Left Without Making A Purchase, We Can Do It All.

If It Sounds Interesting Till Now, Keep Reading To Dig Deeper Into The World Of PPC Company In Ahmedabad.

14 Days Free PPC (Google) Ads Management Services

After Thousands Of Consultation Calls, We Realized That Most People Are Tired Of Agencies That Promise Big But Deliver No Results. Since Our Seo Company Believes In Action Speak Louder Than Talk, We Offer A 14-day Trial Offer, And That Too Is Absolutely Free; You Just Pay For The Ads. If Outcomes Satisfy You, We Campaign Together And If Not, You Can Say Bye With Feedback.

What’s Included?

Ranking Hunters Google PPC Services Include:

1. Google Adwords

Google Adwords Introduces You To People Who Come Looking For A Business Like Yours And That Makes It An Effective Paid Advertising Tool To Get Quicker And Better Results.

2. Facebook Advertising

With The Maximum Number Of Users Online, Facebook Advertising Can Do Wonders When Done Right. You Can Meet Your Audience Right On Their Feed For A Quick Conversation Whenever They Browse.

3. Google Display

Google Display Network Introduces You To Its 2 Million Partner Sites Where You Can Advertise Your Visitors. You Can Narrow Down Specific Audiences And Retarget Previous Website Visitors For Better Conversion Rates.

4. Microsoft Advertising

When You Are Already Exploring Google Ads And The Results Are Convincing, Bing Can Be A Great Expansion. Microsoft Has A Good Market Share And Probably Less Competition.

5. YouTube Advertising

Visual Content Is Surely Dominating Written Content And That’s What Makes Youtube The Perfect Place To Advertise. You Can Create Video Content And Start Advertising On Youtube Via The Google Ads Platform.

6. Instagram Advertising

Instagram Is The New Facebook And The Craze For The Platform Is Worth Taking Advantage Of. Partner With Influencers, Create Content And Start Advertising To Target Just The Right People.

We Provide ROI-Driven PPC Management Services in Ahmedabad​

As We Mentioned Earlier, Pay-per-click Marketing Is A Great Option For Even Small Businesses Which Means It Is Affordable For Everyone. Our Only Motive Is To Make Sure You Get Returns For Every Rupee You Spend And That’s Why Our Google Adwords Agency Crafts Customized Packaging According To Your Budget.

As The Name Suggests, Pay-per-click Means You Will Have To Pay For Every Click You Receive On Your Ads. We Set A Daily Expenditure Limit For Your Google Adwords Account According To Your Budget. So, Once Your Account Has Spent A Particular Sum, The Ads Will Disappear Until The Next Day.

Since This Amount Is Directly Paid To Google, This Is Just One Part Of The Cost. The Second Part Involves Our Service Fee For Planning, Researching, Setting Up The Account, And Executing The Campaign.

You See, How Easy It Is To Start A Ppc Campaign Under Budget? Also, The Perks Of Working With Us Are That We Do It All And You Only Need To Pay A Monthly Bill. And The Best Thing About Monthly Payments Is You Can Cancel The Plan Anytime If You Are Not Happy With The Results Or If You Are Running Out Of Funds. Since We Discuss Everything Upfront, You Don’t Have To Worry About Any Hidden Charges.

Our Team Also Performs Competitor Analyzes To Give You Practical Insights Into How Much You Will Need To Spend To Get Similar Or Better Results.

Our Works
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Proactive PPC Management

Pay Per Click Marketing Takes Rapid Turns And That’s Why You Need Someone Who Stays Updated With The Latest Trends. Our Skilled Ppc Management Team Explores Current Trends And Customizes Strategies That Deliver The Best Results.


Re-targeting Is The Second Chance You Get To Impress Your Potential Customers And That Needs Effectively Written Ads. With Us, You Get The Best Of Advanced Re-marketing And Automated Re-targeting. From Convincing Emails To Engaging Ad Copies, We Do It All.


The Only Way You Can Outperform Your Competitors With Paid Ads Is When You Do Something Unique. With A Team Of Content Professionals, You Can Get Innovative Images And Texts To Attract Your Potential Leads.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ppc Stands For Pay Per Click, An Online Paid Advertising Model That Advertisers Use To Promote Their Product Or Business On Online Search Engines. Products Or Business Search Engines Promoted By Ppc Appear At The Top Or Bottom Of The Results Page.

Ranking Hunters Will Send You The Ppc Campaign Report Every 15 To 30 Days. According To The Report, You Will Get Every Piece Of Information About Your Ppc Campaign.

We Take 100% Transparency Into The Report.

We Call The Fates Of The Titanic And The Concordia – As Well As Those Of The Space Shuttles Challenger And Columbia – ‘accidents.’ Foreseeing Such Undesirable Events Is What Engineers Are Expected To Do. However, Design Trade-offs Leave Technological.

Advertisement Of Your Business Through Ppc Will Appear On The Search Engine Results Page On Which Keywords You Run Ads On.with This, Your Ad Will Be Visible Only To Those People Who Are Searching About Your Product Or Service On Google Or Any Other Search Engine. And This Will Benefit Both Your Sales And Leads.